The 6 Best Futon Beds of 2021

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Futons are an admirable triple-double threat for the man cave, your home office, your reimagined apartment, which still lingers of fresh leather, and everyday social gatherings. They are an inexpensive way to furnish your apartment with the functionality of both a bed, couch, and a social hub.

Our product testers have tested over 20 futon mattresses for durability, aesthetic appeal, versatility, affordability, and comfort. After collaborating with our writers’ staff, they have put together this guide to direct you to the ten best futon beds of 2021.

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Which Style of Futon is Best?

The way your futon bed looks matters. To narrow your search down to finding the best futons (that fit your preferences), we’ve broken futons down into the following styles:

  • Traditional Futon - When you hear the word futon, you may envision a futon that resembles a medium-sized sofa. This futon may or may not have arms, but for all intended purposes of added comfort, let’s just say that the armrests (futon headboard and footboard) are indeed in place. What varies the most regarding traditional futons would be the type of materials that compose them. For a more luxurious, premium futon and comfortable bed, organic futon mattresses are great as they are free of allergens, chemicals, and harmful substances.
  • Contemporary (armless) Futon - Contemporary futons vary from traditional futons due to the additional features. These stylish futons may or may not have armrests, may possess armrests with fold-out beverage holders, have rollout drawers underneath to store your women’s cozy blankets, and can be used as the focal point of your guest space. With such diversity in features, prices can range drastically.
  • Lounge Futon - Lounge futons render a more leisurely atmosphere to your living quarters. Like other futons, lounge futons allow for a wide range of comfort zones with adjustable back levels. Prop your lounge futon upright, back halfway, or down all the way, and take control of your comfort.
  • Bunk Bed Futon - Don’t let the word “bunk” fool you. The best futon bunk beds can drop-jaws, especially in the college dorms where every square foot matters. Futon bunk beds maximize a dweller’s space, is applicable for those between the ages of 6 to 35, and is an affordable alternative to expensive mattresses that last you only a few years, at best. Futon bunk beds flex a modern feel and can add substantial character to an otherwise dull atmosphere.

What to Look for in a Futon?

Below is a comparison table highlighting the core attributes of the ten best futons we found online. Additionally, you’ll gain access to online savings as high as 30% OFF by using our site’s links. To unlock your savings and see which futon is best for you, keep reading.

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