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Tempurpedic is a bedding brand synonymous with luxury and comfort. There are 15 pillow types to choose from, meaning that there’s a pillow for every occasion, desire, and sleep preference. Their core features include enhanced heat and moisture-wicking, natural odor elimination, orthopedic support, and pressure-relief. Firmness levels range from soft to firm, while there is a 5-year limited warranty with their pillows. With free shipping and thousands of positive reviews, what’s to lose?

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Name Tempurpedic
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Pillows are manufactured in the United States and have free shipping, order tracking, and delivery within the contiguous US. No sleep trials or returns of pillows are available.

Manufactured Country USA
Trial period 0
Warranty 5-Year

Although their pillows are individually sold, they often run promotions where you can bundle up two pillows for up to 30% off in savings (between $23 to $59 off).


This luxury brand has pillows that cost between $49.99 to $199.99. With promotional savings, you can save $59 when you buy the two same pillows instead of one.

min price $49
max price $199
max discount 20%
Financing options 0% APR Financing

Fortunately, every budget can accommodate these pillows’ affordability with their flexible 0% APR financing over 12, 24, or 36-month repayment plans. You also stay protected with your 5-year limited warranty.

Tech specs

Pillows are in low, medium, to high profile heights (5.0” to 6.6” tall) and varying firmnesses from extra soft, soft, to medium. Covers are easily removable and machine-washable.

Height Low, Medium and High
Size Standard, Queen, King, KId

There are no adjustable height pillows, although there are ergonomically-enhanced pillows that provide unique one-of-a-kind support. Pillows are available in standard, queen, and king sizes and weigh, on average, 6.5lbs.

Sleep position

With over a dozen models to choose from, you can use the filter toggle on their site to filter pillows by sleep position, feature, price, firmness, and height.

Suitable for all sleeping positions

Stomach sleepers will likely wish to avoid gel-memory foam pillows, as they tend to be too firm for stomach sleepers. Side sleepers have the largest pillow variety to shop from.


The core materials found in these pillows include 100% CertiPUR-US certified memory foams, premium cotton (knitted cover), gel-infused memory foam, and polyester. For hot sleepers, stick with gel-memory foam.

Cover Polyester
Special Filler Options Memory Foam

Although they may not be certified organic, many of these pillows are hypoallergenic because of their quality-certified materials. Certified memory foam and gel memory foam are their main product fillers.

Material features

One of the standout features of these pillows would be how they keep you cool at night. As a hot sleeper, nothing compares to how these pillows regulate your temperature.

Support Support for Head,Neck and Shoulders,Adaptive Support
Cooling System Cooling-Gel , Breathable Cover, Dual-sided Cooling Gel
Waterproof level 0
Material Care Machine Washable Cover

They also wick away moisture incredibly well for those who drool (I’m pleading the 5th) and do a phenomenal job of alleviating pesky muscle aches and pains.


Most of their pillows are available with a medium-level firmness, although they have a few ultra-plush models comparable to the weightless snuggles that sleeping on a cloud would provide.

Additional firmness options 0

The TEMPUR material found in these pillows provide responsive support, never loses its shape, and provides superior support. For more firm support, try their gel-memory foam pillows that are medium-firm.

Additional Types

Apart from their fantastic head pillows, their all-purpose pillow is perfect for travel, cuddling up, or as a neck roll. An ergonomic-enhanced neck pillow is also available for maximum pressure-relief.

Neck pillow
Knee pillow
Body pillow
Travel pillow

A favorite is their body pillow, which is excellent for side sleepers and expectant mothers. It is 48” long, filled with shapeable micro cushions, and has a 5-year warranty.


None of the materials found in their pillows are toxic or harmful. Instead, they are certified by CertiPUR-US, an industry regulator for quality assurance and eco-conscious sustainable practices.

Organic Certifications 0

As a byproduct of their certified quality, many of their pillows are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold, mildew, allergens, and pet dander.

Delivery Type

There is free shipping with order tracking available whether you order on their site or from Amazon. Unfortunately, returns are only available for non-used pillows within 30 days from purchase.

Shipping options Free Shipping

Orders typically arrive in 5 to 7 business days with free shipping in the contiguous US. Track your orders online with UPS by entering your order email and order number.


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