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With decades of experience, our bedding experts conduct sleep trials, perform cross-analyzes, and share how to find the best mattresses.

Mike Stownel

Senior Sleep Health and Mattress Technology Expert

Mike Stownel is a seasoned sleep health and mattress technology expert with over a decade of rich experience. He previously served as a Sleep Wellness Advisor for numerous boutique mattress manufacturers, where he played a crucial role in product development and customer education. Mike also worked as a Consultant for several start-up sleep tech companies, contributing to innovative sleep solution strategies.


His deep understanding of mattress technology and sleep science, combined with practical industry experience, positions him as a trusted authority. Mike`s insights, rooted in both science and market trends, offer invaluable guidance for achieving optimal sleep health.


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We conduct sleep trials to provide in-depth reviews about the top mattresses, their pros and cons, core features, and exclusive savings!

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