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Crib mattress

There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for your little one; trust us, we understand. That’s why we’re here today. To help you find the safest, most supportive crib mattress online. Our honest review will answer your questions, address need-to-know insights, and help you choose the best crib mattress. Let us help guide you in this pivotal moment and make a choice that’s as important to you as it is close to your heart.

How Does it Work?

Crib mattresses provide support and comfort to newborns during the vital stages of infancy.

How to Use

Generally, crib mattresses are found in nurseries or the parent’s bedroom, although every household’s parenting style differs.

Benefits of Using

Here are four reasons why your newborn should sleep on a crib mattress:

  • Comfort - Ample firmness and comfort for optimal support.
  • Protection - Waterproof and stain-proof barriers simplify clean-up.
  • Technology - Cooling overnight comfort and odor repelling.
  • Convenience - Crib mattress pads are easy to clean (machine washable).

How to Choose the Best?

We highlight some of the best and most affordable crib mattresses below.

The Bottom Line

As a guardian, there is little that you wouldn’t do to protect your little bundle of joy. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you by sharing the cream of the crop so you can choose a crib mattress that’s suitable for your newest addition. When choosing a mattress that’s safe for your little one, make sure those mattresses are hypoallergenic and meet purity standards - no toddler should sleep on a toxic bed.


What are the dimensions of a standard crib mattress?
According to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, the Federal government regulates the crib for all standard crib mattresses, with the minimum size being: 27 ¼” x 51 ⅝”. All North American crib mattresses must measure between 51 ⅝” to 53” in length and 21 ¼” to 28” in width.
What’s the average thickness of a crib mattress to be?
Most crib and toddler mattresses have a thickness between 4” to 6.”
Is it OK to reuse a crib mattress?
Old crib mattresses can settle, become soft and uneven. Suppose you purchased a crib mattress for an older sibling, and it still appears in good condition. In that case, it may be reusable, granted that it fits correctly, has good firmness and resiliency, and maintains frame integrity.
Written by: Mike Stownel

Senior Sleep Health and Mattress Technology Expert

Mike Stownel is a seasoned sleep health and mattress technology expert with over a decade of rich experience. He previously served as a Sleep Wellness Advisor for numerous boutique mattress manufacturers, where he played a crucial role in product development and customer education. Mike also worked as a Consultant for several start-up sleep tech companies, contributing to innovative sleep solution strategies.


His deep understanding of mattress technology and sleep science, combined with practical industry experience, positions him as a trusted authority. Mike`s insights, rooted in both science and market trends, offer invaluable guidance for achieving optimal sleep health.


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